Name Badge Options

Our name badges come in three types Gold name badges , silver Name badges and white name badges, there are four components to the name badges, the magnetic backing (or Pin) , the material ,the print which gets printed onto the material and once the ink dries , the Resin gets poured onto the name badge this then cures over a period of 24 hours, the resulting affect is a beautiful name badge with your company logo, now lets look at your options?

Gold Name badge

name badge

These badges are made with a strong durable material and have a Brushed gold background which makes the badge look like metal, in fact the name badge is plastic, you can have your logo printed on the name badge with your name or designation.

Silver Name Badge

silver name badge

An Example of a silver badges which always looks great on a company logo that has red, blue, black in the logo to see and example here 

White or any other printed name badge colour.

white name badge

Quality white name badges can be made with any print and in any colour

Replaceable Name Badges

These are badges you can re-use for clients who have a high turn around of staff it has a replaceable area where you can slide new names in.
The company  logo can be printed on the top of the badge where it is then domed
Replaceable name badges come in one general size, these have an option of a Magnetic or Pin backing

Gold reusable name badge

Magnetic or Pin Backing

The name badges has a magnetic backing or a pin backing.

Now days the most common option is the magnetic backing as this does not damage the shirt. If you are wanting any other backings for smaller lapel name badges we can provide brouch pin backing these are normally

Name Badge Magnet Pin Name Badge

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